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Best iPhone apps of 2020

The best iPhone apps have changed the way we communicate, watch TV and play games.

Spectre Camera

Spectre is a new iOS camera app that uses AI to create stunning long exposures – install


TikTok is a social video app where you can watch people lip-syncing or dancing to songs, or create videos of yourself doing the same. – install tiktok

Disney Plus 

Disney’s $7-a-month streaming service Disney Plus launched in November 2019 to lots of fanfare — and got 10 million subscribers in just one day. – install


TouchRetouch can rid photos of unwanted elements. Such tools are commonplace – even in free apps like Snapseed – but TouchRetouch being dedicated to the task affords it focus; more importantly, the tools you get are really good. – install


Snapseed is a free photo editor with a feature set that rivals the very best premium apps. – install

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