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Top Android Apps – Tips to Make Your App Stand Out

Android apps have been an exciting trend in recent years and are quickly becoming a popular way to connect with friends, perform tasks and even watch videos. Now, developers can take the best of their favorite games and have them run on the next generation of mobile devices. Thanks to a developer-friendly Android SDK, you can quickly get started making your very own Android apps. Most Android applications are written in Java but with a little help from the developer’s community, there is also the option of using C++ or Objective C. You can choose whatever language that you feel most comfortable with.

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The best thing about using the Android SDK is that it allows you to get started fast. All you need to do is download and install the SDK, add the library and your new application will be ready to use right away. Android is open source software so you can look over the source code and even change parts of it without having to worry about getting your application pulled down or your privacy breached. Once you’ve created your new app, you can then send it to the Google Play store where other users can download it and use it without even knowing that you have created it!

You can even customize your Android app by using themes and adding your own artwork. Some apps even allow you to create a customized home screen layout that has widgets such as weather and calendar right on the home screen. The Android platform includes a lot of great options for controlling how your user interface works. You can find all of these features on the Android SDK if you search for the Developer Options tab at the Android Studio start-up screen. The developer options are mostly for tweaking how your application is displayed. This includes adjusting the color palette, visibility of menu bars, the position of icons and much more.