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Top 10 Songs to Play in Your Next Event

It is not that easy to pick the top 10 songs to play in your next event. There are so many of them and the great thing about them is that you can pick from a wide variety of genres. When people ask what songs they should be playing, you want to be able to give them an honest answer. You should be able to tell them that one of your top ten songs is going to have a party, but you will also have songs that are going to get them dancing along as well.

One of the best ways to pick the top ten songs to play is to consider what kind of party it is that you are throwing. If it is going to be a formal affair, then you want to have songs that fit that occasion. If it is going to be a casual event, then you might want to pick a song that fits that occasion as well. The whole point of having a DJ is to have a variety of songs that you can mix and match and that have a good mix of energy.

Another thing that you want to look for is if there is a music artist who will be performing at the event. This is going to be one of the best ways to help you narrow down the top songs to play. If you are able to find out if there is a specific musician that you like, then you will be able to find a song that fits that performer as well. There are a lot of places where you can go to find songs and artists that you can use as a great match. You should always take advantage of them when you are planning an event.