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Major Mud Storm Blows Via Lubbock

The arid and semiarid areas of North America—in fact, any dry region—might experience haboobs. In North America, the commonest terms for these events are either mud storm or sandstorm. In the U.S., they regularly happen in the deserts of Arizona, together with around the cities of Yuma and Phoenix; in New Mexico, together with Albuquerque; in japanese California, and in Texas. They additionally typically occur within the Columbia Basin, of Eastern Washington, nearly always resulting in an influence with town of Spokane.

The storm developed right into a haboob, which is a violent wind that blows through the summer time. In this case, the haboob pushed east throughout the southern South Plains. There was zero visibility due to the blowing dust in the impacted areas. The National Weather Service shared a time-lapse video of the storm making its method over the town at 61 mph. LUBBOCK, Texas – A large dust storm rolled over Lubbock on Wednesday, blanketing the city in a layer of dust.

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Wind gusts were transferring at a rate of practically 70 miles per hour.

There is also the likelihood that numerous particulates might have specific ranges in the CC spectrum. It is this author’s wish that this case study might provide info for the advance and growth of the numerical modeling of mud transport to be used in operational forecasting. As with haboobs within the Middle East, haboob occurrences in North America are sometimes created by the collapse of a thunderstorm. This is a local or mesoscale event, and at instances of extreme drought they can originate in agricultural areas.

Haboob With 70 Mph Winds Covers Lubbock In Mud

Several Dust Storm Warnings had been issued along with Severe Thunderstorm Warnings. LUBBOCK, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A complicated of storms moved via Lubbock on Wednesday causing a serious dust storm. “We have definitely had the mud here, but a key difference from 2011 is we didn’t really have hardly any rain in the spring time in 2011.

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There isn’t any approach to confirm that the northern gust entrance was a haboob as a result of nobody was current to witness it. The gust front prematurely of the thunderstorm, although, was positively a haboob and the nonmeteorological signature discovered within the correlation coefficient is critical. A methodology was determined by the necessity to execute two tasks.

A lingering storm system throughout the Desert Southwest was the first instigator for this activity. As the storm system lastly moved nearer, it fueled a final and dramatic round of thunderstorms that raced throughout the South Plains and Rolling Plains Wednesday evening . African haboobs result from the northward summer season shift of the Intertropical Convergence Zone into North Africa, bringing moisture from the Gulf of Guinea.

Luckily for us right here in San Angelo we didn’t obtain the amount of dust that individuals in additional Western Texas did. A couple of those pictures look like they’re magazine high quality. The next time you catch Johnny Ray jammin’ on the drums, throw him a couple of dollars within the tip jar so he can continue his adventures as an expert drummer AND newbie meteorologist. Local legend and drummer extraordinaire Johnny Ray caught these photos of a haboob rolling into Lubbock. One of our favourite people captured some unbelievable pictures of the Wednesday evening haboob.