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@dbergey @askspectrum @GetSpectrum They’ve elevated my bill $5 a month for therefore lengthy, I now pay $80 /month just for web. I’m able to explore my choices, particularly since their service tanks dare I watch movies on wifi or play games on a console. @Ask_Spectrum Are the problems nonetheless occurring? It’ll be fantastic for half-hour then it’ll go down entirely until I restart the router.

Again, check if the Spectrum router ethernet not working issue has been solved. If the difficulty persists, reset the router to fix the issue. This will turn all the router settings to factory defaults. If you have enabled a metered connection, your Internet connection shall be restricted. If you have connected the router to a Windows laptop, open Settings. Now, power cycle your router and verify whether the issue is resolved.

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Many users are having issues connecting their Chromecast 2 to their 5ghz WiFi community. One of the main selling point for the subsequent generation Chromecast is that it supports both 2.four and 5GHz. If you mix up the 2 during setup or streaming, you will be unable to attach.

why is my spectrum internet not working

If all else fails, then it’s time to reset your network completely. This modifications every little thing again to default settings. It’s not probably the most handy possibility, however it might be the fix you need to begin from scratch and erase the Wi-Fi bugs once and for all. Try turning off your antivirus software program or firewall.

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He informed it had to do something with my modem getting too much of a signal which kills it and forces a reset. He modified the wiring and it was working for a week earlier than the problem began once more. Double-check your device settings and replace your Spectrum TV app as needed. Doing so ensures that your app has all the latest features and runs smoother.

So your app is up to date, but you’re still up app creek with no paddle? Uninstalling and reinstalling your Spectrum TV app might help. Still keen to offer it the old college attempt? Try these simple steps to get your app streaming again.

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A lot of different issues could be the offender. Sometimes the solution is simple—maybe your router is out of date or just wants a quick reboot. But generally it’s a little more complicated. So, we’ve put collectively a guide that can assist you troubleshoot your community and get your Wi-Fi flowing like gravy once more.